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Safety HammerMulti-Function Safety HammerVehicle Safety Ha

Safety HammerMulti-Function S

Brand : TDC

Product origin : China

Delivery time : admindays

Supply capacity : 186KG

Product parameters

Grade Density g / cm3 Flexural strength MPa Hardness HRA Features and Recommended Applications
YG6C 15.10 1800 90.0 Mainly used for cutting soft and hard material impact drill.
YG6 14.95 1900 90.5 Used as electric coal bit, coal pick, oil roller bit and scraper bit.
YG8 14.80 2200 89.5 Used as core drill, electric coal bit, coal pick, oil roller bit and scraper bit.
YG8C 14.80 2400 88.5 Mainly used for small and medium-sized impact drill bit teeth, and as a rotating exploration drilling bearing.
YG11C 14.40 2700 86.5 Mostly used in impact bits and roller bits used to cut high hardness materials.
YG13C 14.2 2850 86.5 Mainly used for rotating impact drill bit used to cut medium and high hardness of the ball.
YG15C 14.0 3000 85.5 Used in the oil cone drill bit and medium hard rock cutting tools.
Product parameters

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