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Single-Hole Round Rods, Carbide Single-Hole Rods, Alloy Roun

Single-Hole Round Rods, Carbid

Brand : TDC

Product origin : China

Delivery time : admindays

Supply capacity : 155KG

【Tungsten steel rod Product Details】:
Tungsten steel round bar is a tungsten carbide tungsten carbide (WC) as the main raw material, together with cobalt powder, paste phase by powder metallurgy method of sintering
High hardness, high strength alloy bar.
Recommended grades: YG6 YG8 YG6X YG10X YG15 YS2T YL10.2, etc., according to customer requirements.
Product Size: Diameter 0.45-40mm, total length 1-400mm, can also be produced according to customer requirements.
Product Type: Solid round bar, single hole round bar, double round bar, spiral round bar, rough and fine grinding can produce.
Product packaging: sub-sachet packaging.
 Factory processing advantages:
1, mirror polishing / head / chamfer / wire cutting / sharpening port / multiple steps;
2, can do all kinds of needle gauge / plug gauge / gauge / pass stop regulation.
3, Machinable various shaped parts / non-standard tools.
【Product advantages】
1. After quenching and tempering high hardness;
2 superior wear resistance, high bending strength;
3. High temperature work performance.
4. Widely used in the field of production and processing: such as: PCB industry, micro-bit, optoelectronic communications industry electrode rod, machining industry tungsten steel drill bit, drill shank, top, putter, wear-resistant precision parts, is the overall CNC milling cutter and hole Cutting tools, such as carving knife selected materials.
Round baseball diameter and radial transfer (as shown below)
diameter Surface finish Sphere Radial transfer
Φ2-6mm RA0.04 0.001 ↑0.1
Φ6.5-10mm RA0.04 0.001 ↑0.1
Φ10.5-14mm RA0.04 0.002 ↑0.1
Φ14.5-20mm RA0.04 0.004 ↑0.05
>20mm RA0.04 0.005 ↑0.03

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