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Tungsten Carbide Top Hammer

Tungsten Carbide Mining Parts

Brand : TDC

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 20-30days

Supply capacity : 68KG

Main features: alloy ball tooth has excellent wear resistance and impact toughness, with similar products than have a higher drilling speed. Ball tooth series passivated passivated long life cycle, its non-grinding life of about the same diameter blade tip life 5-6 times the grinding head, help save man-hours, reduce manual labor and speed up the project.The company is located in:
Widely used in oil drilling and shoveling snow, snow plow machines and other equipment. At the same time also for shearer drilling tools, mining machinery tools and road cleaning snow removal and road maintenance tools. Tools used in quarrying, tunneling, and civil construction. 
The main brand:YG11C rock drilling tools, address exploration tools, coal mining tools recommended grades
Grade densityg/cm3 Flexural strength MPa hardness HRA
YG6C 15.10 1800 90.0
YG6 14.95 1900 90.5
YG8 14.80 2200 89.5
YG8C 14.80 2400 88.5
YG11C 14.40 2700 86.5
YG13C 14.2 2850 86.5
YG15C 14.0 3000 85.5

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