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CNC Inserts

Brand : TDC

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 20-30days

Supply capacity : 142KG

Production: China Zhuzhou
Grade: TDC
Product Name: CNC blade
Application: Mechanical cutting
Specifications: custom
Welding blade with carbide main grades, performance
Grade ISO performance use
densityg/cm3 Flexural strength
N/m m2
YT15 P10 11.1~11.6 ≥1300 ≥91 For carbon steel and alloy steel continuous cutting semi-fine car and fine car. When the intermittent cut fine car, cyclone car wire, continuous surface semi-fine milling and finishing milling, hole expansion and fine expansion.
YT14 P20 11.2~11.8 ≥1400 ≥90.5 Suitable for continuous machining of uneven surface of carbon steel and alloy steel fine car, intermittent cutting semi-precision car and fine car, continuous face rough milling, drill hole drilling and so on.
YT5 P30 12.5~13.2 ≥1560 ≥89.5 For carbon steel and alloy steel (including forgings, stampings and castings of the skin) uneven surface cutting rough car, rough planing, semi-fine planing, roughing and so on.
YS25 P25 12.8~13.2 ≥1780 ≥90.5 Suitable for roughing, milling and planing of carbon steel, cast steel, high-fierce steel, high-strength steel and alloy steel.
YS30 P30 12.6~12.9 ≥1850 ≥90.5 Suitable for large-size high-speed milling all kinds of steel, especially for the milling of alloy steel, hobbing.
YG6X K10 14.8~15.1 ≥1560 ≥91.0 Suitable for cast iron, ordinary cast iron finishing and semi-finishing.
YG6A K10 14.7~15.1 ≥1510 ≥91.5 Suitable for cast iron, non-ferrous metals and their alloys semi-finishing.
YG6 K20 14.7~15.1 ≥1670 ≥89.5 Suitable for semi-finishing of cast iron, non-ferrous metals and their alloys, non-metallic materials.
YG8 K30 14.6~14.9 ≥1840 ≥89.0 Suitable for cast iron, non-ferrous metals and their alloys, non-metallic materials, uneven surface and intermittent cutting rough car, rough plane, rough milling, general and deep hole drilling, reaming.
YD15 K10
14.8~15.1 ≥1850 ≥91.0 Suitable for fine car, semi-fine car titanium alloy, nickel-based superalloy, also suitable for processing all types of cast iron.
YG8N K20
14.5~14.9 ≥1840 ≥90 Suitable for rough machining of cast iron and non-ferrous metals, also suitable for semi-rough machining of stainless steel roughing.
YW1 M10 12.7~13.5 ≥1290 ≥91.5 Suitable for heat-resistant steel, high manganese steel, stainless steel, and other processing just just ordinary, cast iron processing.
YW2 M20 12.5~13.5 ≥1460 ≥90.5 Suitable for heat-resistant steel, high manganese steel, stainless steel and alloy steel and other difficult processing just processing, but also for ordinary steel, cast iron processing.
YG15 K40
14.5-14.8 ≥2100 ≥87.5 Suitable for oil wells. Coal mining bit. Stretching and stamping die
YG20     ≥2800 ≥86.0 For cold heading. Cold red. Hot forging and other molds
 Product specifications

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