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High Hardness Manufacturers Produce Carbide Grinder Grading

Crusher wear parts

Brand : TDC

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 20-30days

Supply capacity : 1040KG

Product Detail


manufacturers produce carbide grinder grading wheel grinder accessories


According to the structural characteristics of sintered materials, a new crushing equipment, block material into the material warehouse, after a strong squeeze into the crushing system, the material transported to the alloy crushing grinding baskets, broken through the hard alloy grinding mill to the desired granularity.


Carbide material advantages:

1 feed particle size, particle size uniformity, high yield;

2. In the sintering process is not easy to crack, high yield;

3. Toughness much larger than the ceramic, easy to crack in use;

4. Non-magnetic material pollution, widely dispersed in the battery material grinding.


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