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Custom Made WC Jars Tungsten Carbide Grinding Jars Ball Mill

Tungsten Carbide Grinding Jars

Brand : TDC

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 20-30days

Supply capacity : 1420KG

Product Detail


Quick Details


  • Place of Origin: Hunan, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Tongda
  • Model Number: Customized
  • Products name: Custom made WC Jars Tungsten carbide grinding jars Ball Mill Jar
  • Material: Tungsten carbide
  • Application: Ball Mill Jar
  • Size: Customer Size Accepted
  • Grade: YG6 YG8 YN6 YN9
  • Certificate: ISO 9001-2008
  • Brand name: TDC
  • Type: Ball mill grinding jar
  • Main chemical composition: WC and Co











Packaging & Delivery



Packaging Details Packaging Details: 
Interior packaging: plastic or paper box interior(20/30 kg a case). 
Exterior packaging: carton or wooden case. 
Also can be customized as per your requirement.
Delivery Time Usually 15-30 days after you make payment.


Custom made WC Jars Tungsten carbide grinding jars Ball Mill Jar


Part Name Lab Ball Mill Grinding Jar with Lid
Materail Tungsten Carbide
Material Content  WC+Co/Ni
Materail Grade YG6/YG8/YG15/YN8 etc
Density 14.6g/cm3
Hardness >89HRA
Grain Size Medium
Volume 12ml,25ml,30ml,40ml,50ml,0.1L / 0.25L / 0.5L / 1L
OEM/ODM Available
Application Field Medical treatment/Food/Electrics/Material/machinery ,etc
Certification ISO9001:2008



Tungsten Carbide Ball Mill Grinding Jar Specification:

Volume    D1    D2    H    h    D3
50ml 48 36 64 8 6
100ml 63 51 59 6 6
250ml 86 74 69 10 6
500ml 105 92 96 14 6.5
1000ml 130 115 125 14 7.5



    Classification and requirements of grinding materials     Material selection reference for ball mill
    Soils and materials that are not allowed to carry impurities     Agate jar
    Materials that are not allowed to carry impurities by metal or nonmetal     Zirconia jar
    Diamond, hard alloy and other high hardness materials     Tungsten carbide jar
    Strong acids, strong bases and high temperature conditions     Teflon jar
    Materials with low sensitivity to iron and steel minerals and impurities     304 stainless steel jar
    Pigments and high temperature treatment materials     Nylon jar
    Ceramic glazes and other aluminium containing materials     Corundum jar
    Lithium and other electronic material     Polyurethane jar
    Easy oxidation and special atmosphere protection materials     Vacuum jar





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